1,000 $HDAO Template Contest

We want the DAO to make the best investment decisions when it comes to investing in new P2E gaming assets. Everyone has their favorite games. But we members need to present thorough analysis and information, especially if the DAO is going to use large amounts of funds. We want the community to take part in a contest to earn 1k $HDAO for the best templet to become the official by members and gaming studios when putting forth a proposal.


Has the game launched, is it playable?

What are the game economics?

What is the yield/ROI opportunity?

Is there a barrier to entry to play? (like Axie, you need 3 axies to play)

Does this game provide wage/scholarship opportunity?

  • If not, why should DAO invest?
  • If so, how?

Is the dev team legit, have prior game experience?

These are just some ideas. I’m sure others can come up with much more detail so we can make the most informed decision as a DAO. Together Apes Strong!

To enter your submission, create a new topic within the “Contest” category.