Builder Runway Proposal 2024-2025

This proposal is presented by the humanDAO lead team.

Executive Summary

Due to the increase in treasury and the momentum being gained regarding Human Task Force, we see fit to update the builder runway and increase the DAO’s odds for success. Since the previous proposal and following successful milestones like Launch Day 0 and ethDenver, we propose increasing the monthly operational budget. This will allow us to expand our developer team and accelerate the build-out of the HTF platform.

The key elements of this proposal are:

  1. Increase the next 12 months of operating funds: We propose raising the builder budget to $55,000/month. Currently, the most liquid treasury assets stand around $2M (excluding NFT assets and HDAO tokens). This will allow us to secure at least 12 months of runway to fund the growth plans.
    a. Expand the developer team: The increased budget will enable us to bring on additional skilled developers to work on the HTF platform. This will help us deliver new features and functionalities at a faster pace.
    b. Enhance HTF & assistant training: In parallel, we will invest in testing and optimizing the platform, as well as training of our HTF assistants. This will ensure they are fully prepared to support the platform when it launches publicly.
  2. Token buyback program: We also propose allocating $15,000 per month to initiate a systematic $HDAO token buyback program. While this may seem modest, given the current low trading volume across the two LPs, these regular buybacks will help support the market price over time. As more people come to understand the incentives and synergies across the HTF, $HDAO, and $ENRG tokens, we anticipate increased demand from buyers. At which point, the builder team can choose to adjust or halt the buyback program as needed.

Executing on these plans will accelerate the development of the HTF platform and demonstrate our commitment to supporting the long-term value of the community $HDAO token.

Key Objectives for 2024-2025

HTF requires a higher budget to support our growing priorities and respond to rising platform demands.

  • Enhance Assistant Capabilities
    Allocate resources to optimize the training and development of our assistant workforce. This will ensure they can continue delivering exceptional support as usage of our platform grows.
  • Complete Due Diligence Bot
    Secure funding to finalize the development and launch the beta version of our advanced Due Diligence bot. This will strengthen HTF’s market positioning by offering cutting-edge due diligence capabilities.
  • Prepare for Platform Launch
    Dedicate resources toward final platform refinements and strategic marketing. The goal is to reach a wider audience, particularly within the thriving web3 ecosystem, ahead of the public HTF platform launch.
  • Implement $HDAO Token Buybacks
    Utilize treasury funds to initiate a structured weekly $HDAO token buyback program. This will help increase token scarcity and support the long-term value of the $HDAO cryptocurrency. Perhaps these tokens could be burned in a future proposal.

By executing on these key priorities, HTF will be well-positioned to drive long-term value for the community.

Recent Achievements

  • Successful Launch Day 0: The launch of HTF’s beta version on the Polygon blockchain was a pivotal moment, showcasing our ability to deliver onchain and on our roadmap.
  • HTF Platform Redesign: The HTF platform has undergone a comprehensive overhaul, integrating the new $ENRG token mechanisms and tokenomics, as well as a complete user interface refresh.
  • Strategic Engagements at ethDenver: Our participation in the ethDenver conference opened up promising avenues for collaborative efforts and relationships. We established connections with potential partners in the stablecoin, Layer 2, and wallet provider spaces.
  • Technological Advancements with DD Bot: Our team has made significant technological progress in enhancing the capabilities of the Due Diligence bot. These improvements have expanded our technological edge and service offerings.

Future Outlook

  • Optimize for a Successful Public Launch: We are dedicating significant efforts towards ensuring a seamless public launch of the HTF platform. This includes forging strategic partnerships with projects and communities that can leverage the HTF ecosystem.
  • Prepare for the Beta Launch of the DD Bot: The upcoming beta launch of our Due Diligence bot represents a significant milestone. This tool will provide a unique capability currently unavailable in the market, further strengthening HTF’s market position.
  • Drive Sustainable Growth: the implementation of the $HDAO token buyback program, and the anticipated revenue streams from the HTF platform, DD bot, and airdrops, we are well-positioned to pave the way for a sustainable and thriving web3 gig economy.
  • Improved Tokenomics: With the launch of the $ENRG token, it allows us to improve the tokenomics of the $HDAO token. It is currently proposed that $HDAO stakers could receive monthly airdrops(in stablecoin), which is a result of the platform fees on HTF. More info found here.

Budget Proposal

  • $55,000 monthly builder budget
  • $15,000 monthly $HDAO purchases

Closing Remarks
We are building to redefine the digital task management sector. With support of our community and strategic partners, we are harnessing cutting-edge technology to deliver meaningful and practical applications that create value for users, and opportunities for those in need.

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