HIP 002 - HumanDAO Proposal: Expansion Of The P2E Scholarship Programme

Expansion Of The P2E Scholarship Programme

Authors & Disclosure

Corey, Christopher Chase

The named authors work within the HDAO core team. No personal financial gain would be received from the passing of the proposal. We are submitting the proposal as we believe it is in the best interest of the DAO.


HumanDAO has set an end of Quarter goal to reach 1000 scholars. To achieve this we will need to allocate $400K from the HDAO treasury.

This will boost HumanDAO’s P2E current revenue stream by approximately 300%

Current scholar demand is incredibly high, we need to allocate funds to invest in more NFT assets as soon as possible to cope with this demand.


HumanDAOs mission is to provide income streams to those from underserved communities. Our main approach to carrying this out currently lies within the Axie scholarship programme. We invest in NFT’s, the scholars utilize them to produce income. This allows us to carry out the DAO’s mission while wrapping it within a sustainable revenue stream.

The HDAO team is currently seeing an overwhelming demand for spaces within the scholarship programme. To cope with this demand, and build revenue streams for both the scholars & the DAO, a $400K investment is required to purchase the necessary assets and any leftover money will be returned to the treasury.

Work is currently being carried out from the scholar managers & HDAO builder teams to improve scholar on-boarding efficiency. With the treasury investment, HDAO should comfortably be able to achieve the 1000 scholar goal by the end of the quarter.

Increasing the amount of scholars not only furthers the DAO’s mission, it also builds upon our pre-existing revenue stream that increases the value of the DAO and allows the treasury to weather volatile market conditions.

Motivation & Rationale

This proposal will be the lynchpin that allows the DAO to fulfill its goal of recruiting 1000 scholars by the end of 2022 Q1. The increased revenue will help build the DAO’s treasury and increase the underlying value of assets held. This will open up exciting avenue’s for HDAO to continue to invest and grow the project long term.


$400K USDC


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Were there any other alternatives considered for this investment at this time? And is there any risk that an investment of this size, furthering our Axie financial interest, limits our flexibility to chase emerging P2E opportunities in what is shaping up as a big year for new crypto gaming market entrants?

On the plus side, this current market means amazing buying opportunities if we’re bullish on the Axie universe (I am, for one).


Yeah we have some great buying opportunities & all of the underlying infrastructure to build upon our Axie scholarship in a very short space of time!

While there are some very exciting P2E opportunities on the horizon, we will need to completely risk assess each project to find out if the increased returns are a satisfactory trade off for the security that Axie provides. In my mind, we would build on lower risk projects to start, as this brings increased revenue streams & stability, we would then have the flexibility to chase newer/higher risk P2E opportunities.


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