HIP 005 - A humanDAO NFT


This proposal is put forth on behalf of the humanDAO functional leads.


The aim of this proposal is to allocate resources to build an NFT project for the DAO. The benefits to having a successful NFT release are as follows:

  1. Offer wages, skills & opportunity to the HDAO community
  2. Create an NFT that contributes value to the web3 community
  3. Bolster $HDAO utility by including token mechanisms
  4. Add another revenue stream to the DAO
  5. Laying the foundation to our Metaverse Talent Network (MTN)


As a top level overview, our NFT will be a PFP and have utility. This NFT will allow access to the web app that is being developed, where the NFT holder will have access to services. In return, the humanDAO community who provide these services, will earn wages. A successful NFT launch would allow humanDAO to exponentially increase the number of community members it would be able to provide wages to. But also, the revenue generated from the NFT launch will be reinvested to more P2E opportunities providing more scholarships. This will open the door to an internally proposed project, Metaverse Talent Network. MTN is a way for our community to earn wages outside of gaming and to open up new revenue streams for the DAO outside P2E through things like learn to earn (L2E).

To build a successful NFT project the team will need a budget for multiple areas including, but not limited to app development, marketing, platforms & artwork.

The proposed budget for this is $60K, with a breakdown in the budget section. Any excess funds will be returned to the treasury at project completion. All expenses will be recorded.

There are many benefits to the DAO, the community & the web3/NFT community if the HDAO NFT drop is successful. It could pave the way for new & profound utilities within the NFT space, while also leading the charge on the metaverse talent network project.

However, the project will by no means be an easy feat to accomplish. The team will be broken up to focus on the below areas. If each of these project groups are fulfilled with favorable outcomes, the chances of a successful NFT project look promising

  1. Services training
  2. Services management
  3. NFT design & production
  4. NFT platform
  5. Marketing
  6. Web App development

Motivation & Rationale

At the core of the proposal; it appears an NFT drop which will provide wages to a large scale HDAO community, is one of the most effective ways we can currently work together and further the DAO’s mission. In the long-term it could provide provisions for 1000’s of community members across the globe.

The revenue gained will pay the community members participating in the programme, while potentially creating a large revenue stream for the DAO to invest & diversify further into more P2E assets, creating even more opportunity via scholarships for the DAO.

The Metaverse Talent Network is an internally proposed project which will be a natural progression of the NFT offering. allowing us to form strategic partnership & networking opportunities to pave the way for the further development we intend on pursuing.

Finally, we are creating mechanisms between the NFT services and the $HDAO token, providing the $HDAO token with increased utility.


The proposed budget for this is $60K USD. It is important to note that a full scope of requirements is to be carried out. Any excess funds at the end of project completion will be returned to the treasury.

Below you can see the areas of the project that the budget will be allocated to.

  1. Web app production
  2. NFT Marketing agency
  3. DAO Marketing, Influencer outreach & partnership building
  4. NFT artwork
  5. Smart contract building
  6. NFT platform
  7. NFT Mint platform/integrations


Do you approve this proposal?

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Dear friends,

We think the idea to create a new opportunity for our community is fantastic and we want to support those efforts. However, we believe that selling an NFT is unnecessary and untimely. We would rather see a proposal with a more traditional economic model tied to existing HDAO utility tokens. For example:

  1. If member has over [X] HDAO they gain access to this Pocket Assistant Service;
  2. In an application/platform, the member may open a request/ticket for services;
  3. Community groups would set ticket costs in either USD or HDAO, subject to adjustment;
  4. Member would accept or reject the price/quote;
  5. If accepted, member pays upfront (or a portion thereof), work commences, and deliverables are made.

We could also create a subscription service with reoccurring payments.

Ultimately, we do not believe this Pocket Assistant project can rely on NFT launch sales, nor would it survive on secondary sales alone. We do not think there is a demand in the current NFT market and those in the space understand that few NFT projects are in fact successful. The competition is insane and fueled by speculative hype. To our knowledge, humanDAO doesn’t have the necessary influence and market conditions are not viable.

If the community wants an NFT PFP, that’s totally cool! We’d support an NFT PFP as a community identity or artwork project (CCO is awesome). Just not for the proposed purpose.

As written, we intend on voting against this proposal (+3M HDAO). We want to inform you beforehand so as not to create any surprises. If the community disagrees and votes in favor, we’ll still support humanDAO in any way we can. At the end of the day, we all agree the goal is to provide opportunities and to build an amazing community together… sometimes that means disagreeing with one another and working through it.



Thank you for the feedback. While I disagree, I do agree with the overall thought - more opportunity for our members and more utility to HDAO tokens. For background, I always ask why a token is necessary for this or that. But the NFT token is the best part, it makes this service unique, offers more utility and privacy to the user, and is quite disruptive to traditional business models.

"We would rather see a proposal with a more traditional economic model tied to existing HDAO tokens.

2. In an application/platform, the member may open a request/ticket for services;

3. Community groups would review the ticket and quote a cost in either USD or HDAO;

We could also create a subscription service with reoccurring payments."

First, I thought we were are all in crypto to get away from traditional economic models :wink:

The NFT is why this is unique and can succeed. It completely upends the traditional pay per task, an hour, or subscription model. You pay upfront. It grants you a set of free tasks every week. It quite literally pays itself off after a few months of use. The NFT acts as an access key. And because it is an NFT, the rights to those weekly tasks can be transferred to another through selling it or loaning the tasks out in secondary markets.

You are proposing to be like every other traditional VA shop/market, except with the added barriers of having to find, buy, and use a crypto token (HDAO).

But Chris, hDAO is using a crypto token/NFT? True, but a few things outside of the benefits mentioned above:

To my knowledge, there has yet to be an NFT project with actual real-world utility. Not the gimmicking utility like private discord access, free conference tickets, or free rounds of golf (you just need to fly to the course or the conference). The NFT PA will have an instant real-world utility that can be utilized week in and week out.

"Ultimately, we do not believe this Pocket Assistant project can rely on NFT launch sales, nor would it survive on secondary sales alone."

The overwhelming majority of funds needed for it to survive come in the beginning at the mint. The secondary sales are just extra. Ultimately, if the launch fails, we can refund and move forward. However, if the initial mint is successful/oversubscribed, we can mint more as long as we have enough PAs to fulfill the tasks. And then, again, receive the funds necessary to survive during the mint.

Also, hDAO is not solely an NFT PA service. It is only one of the paths to bring in revenues and opportunity to our community. If this is successful, this will stock the treasury with enough firepower to build and develop more through gaming and the Metaverse Talent Network.

"We do not think there is a demand in the current NFT market and those in the space understand that few NFT projects are in fact successful. The competition is insane and fueled by speculative hype"

People SHOULD NOT associate this with a PFP collection. This has actual utility, not promises of it. People SHOULD NOT mint this to flip on speculation because there is nothing to speculate on, no promises of building out a metaverse, game, or a celebrity to hype it up.

Where other projects launch w +10k NFTs, this will be much more limited at launch (1k max), thus requiring 10x less participation. Sure not all projects succeed, but who thought they would? Especially when they are copypasta’d, with the only difference being artwork or promises of utility down the road. This service is different from 99% of the NFTs I’ve seen. Instant utility and gives work to underserved communities through crypto. A clear win/ win for the holder and community.

In other words, we should hype it. Our hype isn’t based on speculation. If we can’t generate attention through this then we simply didn’t try hard enough. It is fundamentally different whether you examine it through a virtual assistant lens or an NFT lens.

"To our knowledge, humanDAO doesn’t have the necessary influence."

This is how we gain awareness and notoriety, by being different. We can gain influence by doing what other gaming guilds are doing, investing in the same games as everyone, or offering something new, novel, and profound.

Again, a disruption of the current virtual assistant business model. This clearly benefits those at the lowest rungs of the socio-economic ladder, offering them a completely new opportunity to earn in a crypto-related gig-type fashion— in most cases, more than they could earn elsewhere. Even at the lower end of $1 per task (a task could take 5 min or 30, but not longer), an hDAO PA can make more than a teacher in the Philippines and many other developing countries. This is our way of standing out in the crowd, whether through the disruptive business model angle, the gig economy angle, an NFT/crypto angle, or helping the impoverished.

"If the community wants a NFT PFP, that’s totally cool! We’d support a NFT PFP as an community identity or artwork project (CCO is in). Just not for the proposed purpose."

I don’t understand this. It’s cool to use an NFT the same way everybody does and compete for attention, but not in a new/useful way?

Lastly, there are many options for including HDAO token for more utility. We are thinking through them all:

  • Need to hold a certain amount of HDAO to mint NFT
  • Require staking a certain amount of HDAO to “activate” NFT
  • Need to stake a certain amount to receive more weekly tasks
  • A burn mechanism or selling HDAO to the hDAO treasury to be able to name your NFT. A philanthropic angle, like naming it after your family name. And any new holders of the NFT would have to pay/burn more than the previous to change the name.

Ultimately, my point is that without the NFT there is no difference or novelty. Using the NFT also grants the user of the PA service much more value and utility.

I hope you take this into consideration and thank you for being a large supporter and contributor, hDAO is lucky to have you.

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I think whatever the community votes on this one, ensuring the NFT would add utility to the $HDAO token would be a top priority.

We would not want 2 separate projects running in different directions & taking resources away from the core DAO. They have to work in tandem. However, If the idea is to use the $HDAO token as the currency to unlock more tasks, activate & name NFT’s, it would seem like the NFT being successful would also increase buying pressure.

I agree P2E games should remain a focus to boost underlying, recurring revenue (the P2E committee is currently researching multiple P2E projects, with some very promising leads. If their final research call goes well, i would presume they would be taking some new games to proposal soon.) however, without significant changes to our P2E structure it will be difficult to increase token utility through that offering. Even the industry leading P2E DAO’s - Merit Circle, YGG, Avocado etc have all experienced large token price drops since the peak of the P2E mania, which would be tied to the fact they have struggled to provide token utility for investors.

It’s incredibly difficult to predict what will happen to the P2E space in the short to mid-term (especially with current market conditions). Personally, the main benefit I see to this proposal would be to maintain/increase the amount of community members the DAO could afford to provide funds wages to. A successful launch could mean potentially thousands of extra people across the globe who we can provide wages to via the PA programme. Also bolstering the DAO treasury, allowing it to invest in more P2E assets, in turn leading to even more scholarships for P2E games.

As it stands this proposal is meeting the criteria to be voted upon on snapshot. I’m sure it would be useful for everyone to get as much feedback as possible before voting, so please continue adding your comments.

I will be supporting this proposal. There are without a doubt challenges and unknowns, acknowledging the feedback from @thebadcc, but that’s inevitable on the frontier.

For me, the opportunity to show the world something new is too good to ignore and we are uniquely placed to deliver on it.

I’m personally committed to working on making this successful.

The proposal has been published to snapshot. I will leave this thread open for further discussion for another 24 hours, until voting can commence. You can find the pending proposal here Snapshot

Snapshot seems to be having issues currently. If you’re getting an error of bad config/nodes - restart your browser, clear cache etc. It should allow you to see votes.

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