HIP 006 - BanklessDAO Academy Education Module


This proposal is put forth on behalf of BanklessDAO Academy, Haider & Christopher Chase


humanDAO’s long term plans rely on heavy utilization of an education module. In order to effectively train, position & provide wages to the hDAO community, education has to be pushed to the forefront of DAO priorities.

An agreement has been put in place between ourselves & BanklessDAO to whitelabel their Bankless Academy platform, to house our education modules.

Bankless Academy can be found here: https://app.banklessacademy.com/

The Demo can be found here: https://humandao.banklessacademy.com/

The total price will be $30,000 - reduced from $40,000 as early access, paid by the treasury in USDC.


More details surrounding the platform, roadmap & pricing can be found below. The main aim of using an education module that is pre-built is to save time, developer resources & treasury money. While we have the resources to build an in-house education platform, the price would be high and need constant developer upkeep. Bankless Academy’s primary product and focus is this Web 3 enabled education platform and improving it in order to produce better content for learners and attract more whitelabel clients. So they are 100% focused on consistently improving it, allowing us to focus on our core pillars.

This will also give hDAO exposure partnership announcements in the BanklessDAO newsletter (13K+ subscribers) and Twitter (55k+ subscribers) along with Bankless Academy social channels.


  1. Integration (1 month after down payment)

  2. Quest to connect wallet (1 week after integration)

  3. Reporting
    a.Which wallets completed which classes (2 weeks after “Quest to connect wallet”)
    b. Analytics dashboard showing: (Q3)
    i. Site Visits
    ii. question specific data

    1. number of responses per question
    2. number of correct per question
    3. number of incorrect per question
  4. Custom theme (Q4)

  5. Self service content creation + update (1st half of 2023)


  • Typically $40K, discounted to $30K for early access (payable in USDC)
  • Terms:
    • 25% down payment
    • 25% after integration
    • 25% after “Quest to Connect Wallet” live
    • 25% after “Analytics dashboard” live


  • Integration and content updates (included in price)
  • General whitelabel updates (included in price)
  • Post integration custom work (work unique to us) + support: $100/hr


  • Reduces developer resources required for building of platform
  • Reduced long-term cost of platform maintenance/upgrading
  • Allows humanDAO to begin educating and providing more opportunity for its community


  • Typically $40K, discounted to $30K for early access (payable in USDC)
  • Terms:
    • 25% down payment
    • 25% after integration
    • 25% after “Quest to Connect Wallet” live
    • 25% after “Analytics dashboard” live


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Count me in, i think we can help, we are a lot o f people working for Bankless and it’a an honor

I voted yes to the proposal, but I think there are something we can try to improve:

  • Bankless Academy is a premature production, the procedure of production selection could be more transparent
  • Consider our partnership with BanklessDAO, a treasury diversification of exchanging certain amount of $BANK token with $HDAO token will give hDAO more exposure.
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