HIP 007 - humanDAO NFT Budget - Part 2


This proposal is put forth on behalf of the humanDAO team.


This is a follow-up to the previous proposal to launch the humanDAO Pocket Assistant NFT, which can be found HERE. To provide a quick update on how the project is going, we can break it down into several sections.

PANFT launch: We have finalized the mint and launch details of the NFT. The genesis mint (400 PANFTs) will launch when we receive 400 reservations. We are not choosing a date to launch on, but a required amount of sales/reservations before launching this service. We won’t need a mint of 10k, 5k or even 1k to consider the launch a success. Post genesis mint, we will have a daily auction for 1 PANFT. Launch details are found HERE

Web App Development: We hired 3 devs, and the web app team is currently on track for a July Alpha launch.

PA Recruitment: This section has gone exceptionally well, and the demand from the PA side has exceeded expectations. This is an excellent sign of how scaleable the project could become long-term. As it stands, we have had over 1200 applicants.

PA Education: This is working in tandem with the recruitment phase. Resources have been collated & final exams are now in place to ensure the PAs have the required skills to complete the tasks. We currently have over 125 PAs who have passed the education & test modules, ready to begin fulfilling tasks.

NFT Design & Production: This is being carried out by devs. as well as an NFT art contest to garner attention and exposure to the project. This is being jointly marketed by Layer3, with whom we will partner for the competition.

NFT Marketing: This is being handled in a 2 phase strategy by our partners at BanklessDAO. We are actively looking for other opportunities, as marketing will undoubtedly be critical to spreading the word and gaining awareness.


Overall the project is beginning to look very promising with so many tangible areas of progress, and with the many partnerships in place for launch, including BanklessDAO, Layer3 & Rarible. As well as demand from the underserved community to fulfil this role.

Notably, humanDAO was selected by the Moonbirds team to receive 50 Moonbirds Oddities as part of their social impact and community expansion initiative. This is a fascinating prospect for the humanDAO community, and complete details of NFT utilization will be released in the coming weeks. At current floor and ETH prices, these assets are valued at +$100k. The Twitter announcement can be found HERE or HERE.

This proposal, if accepted, would allocate $140,00 of treasury funds to finalize the NFT project & prepare for a full launch. These funds are needed to see it through to a successful launch.

Part 1 - NFT Art Competition

Part 2 - 3 month runway of builder salaries

Part 3 - PA Funding during beta testing of web app

Part 4 - Contingency

For total transparency of treasury allocation, you can see here in the active Builder Safe where the funds are held from the previous proposal and where these funds would be placed if approved by the community.

There are still some funds available, but this final round of funding would bring a max allocation of $200k to ensure the launch of PANFT was the best it could be. And again, the builders feel PANFT is something that sets us apart from the web3 field, hits on our core mission, creates utility and demand for $HDAO, and puts a bright, positive light on the crypto-industry. This is hDAO’s golden opportunity.


NFT art contest:

The Art competition plans to allocate $20,000 of the treasury to fund an NFT art competition via a web3 partnership with Layer3.

The main Aims for this are:

  1. Raise awareness for the NFT project
  2. Provide income to NFT artists in unfavorable market conditions
  3. Further the community of the NFT project
  4. Form strategic partnerships with other aligned web3 projects

This will not only bring attention to the launch, but it will also create a large-scale, web3 community engagement event. Building this in collaboration with Layer3 will expose us to the builder & NFT collector communities.

As it stands, the Art contest will work in the following way:

  1. humanDAO launches contest on Layer3, bringing the competition to the wider web3 community
  2. $10,000 will be available for the top 10 finalists of the contest. $1000 will be given to all 10 shortlisted contestants.
  3. The top 10 finalists will be picked internally by the humanDAO core team.
  4. The finalists will then go to a public vote or, ideally, a celebrity judging panel.

Builder salary allocation:

Market conditions are still unfavorable, and the $HDAO token cannot currently handle sustained selling from builders. We propose adding a 3-month runway of USDC to cover builder compensation while in the launch phase of PANFT.

With the multiple teams of people now working towards the NFT launch and those facilitating the everyday tasks of managing and running the DAO, we calculate it to be around $23,000 a month - totaling $69,000. Keep in mind, this is compensation for about 22 full-time people.

PA funding during beta-testing:

The hDAO team has successfully built a PA pool of around 130 people and is growing. They have completed the education modules & passed the final exams. However, since a mint date is unknown, they cannot start earning until the web app is launched.

We will launch the beta-testing rounds within the coming weeks, and the PAs will get paid per task to participate. The beta-testing will run up towards the mint date, which will require money to fund this gap. At most, we calculate this to be around 12k.


The last thing we want to do is put forth a third proposal for some unforeseen opportunity that could make or break the PANFT. On top of the time needed for proposals to be created and passed we suggest adding a contingency bucket to utilize in case such an opportunity does arise with regards to marketing or partnerships. After all, we had no idea about most of the options available to us (and the paths to take) when initially designing the Pocket Assistant program in the 1st proposal. As always, we will itemize and record whatever gets spent, any unused funds will be sent back to the Treasury.


The budget required for this is $140,000 in total. If for any reason funds do not get used they will be returned to the treasury. This is broken into 4 sections:

  1. NFT art contest - $20,000
  2. 3-month builder runway - $69,000
  3. PA funding during beta testing - $12,000
  4. Contingency - remainder


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Awesome job Corey. I believe the reward vs risk here is far better than where we were at originally. We’ve gone from an idea to something almost ready to launch - new websites, new apps, scores of new people, partnerships with huge names in the space…it really is an impressive body of work and people are starting to take notice.


This proposal has now passed on-chain. This thread is now closed