HIP004 - HumanDAO & Mirror World Partnership/NFT Asset Purchase

Authors & Disclosure

Corey, Shubham, Tonichi

This proposal is brought forth by Mirror World & has been co-authored by Corey.

In the event of this proposal being a success, humanDAO will purchase Mirror World NFT Assets.


Mirror World has presented humanDAO with the opportunity to invest in assets that will allow the community to participate in their game, through scholarships. This would allow humanDAO to ramp up the scholarship programme, providing a new revenue stream to the scholars and the DAO.

We recommend either a $50k or $100k USD investment into Mirrorworld (this of course is up to you reading this.

At current Ethereum prices, 300 mirror world assets, with a 15% discount would cost $46,175 USD or 16.83 ETH.

At current Ethereum prices, 690 mirror world assets, with a 20% discount would cost $99,957.60 USD or 36.43 ETH.

The above figures are rough approximations, to show how many assets we could acquire for a $50K and $100K investment, respectively. By taking the larger position size of assets, we would get a greater discount, but also take on greater risk.

Each asset would attribute one player/scholarship in the game.


Overview of the games:
ARPG (PvE) - This game will be a mobile based game, where Mirror NFTs need to kill monsters in each sub-level and reach till the boss battle. There are a total of 8 boss battles. Killing the monster and winning will help players to earn tokens in game, also if players win against the boss there are chances to earn governance tokens as well.

ARPG (PvP) - In this game players need to push other players out of the arena. you get some weapons such as guns, bomb etc. in the arena that can be used to push people out of arena. The arena will also fall so that the game ends soon. This game will be similar to Bombsquad.

SLG - This game will be similar to the game, clash of clans. It it still under development at the moment and is estimated to launch Q3-Q4

1) How will the Scholarship model work?

Mirror World Renting System

Renting System Current Design: The current version is an accounts system based on centralized implementation. Asset holders can choose to bind their email address and password to the current wallet address, log in to the game through their email address and password, and the items obtained in the game will be recorded directly in the account. And neither tokens nor game items can be used by scholars.

Renting System v1.0: In this version, we will have two kinds of modes for managers to use, which are fixed renting mode and revenue share mode.

Fixed Renting Mode - The managers place an order to rent out his assets to the scholars, which needs to be set in advance

  • Rental price
  • Rental time
  • In-game Item set selection (Preparing some equipment for renter)
  • Corresponding renter: wallet address (can decide whether rent to the certain renter)

Notice: for this model, the income will go directly to the renter’s account, and managers will only get the rental amount.

Revenue Share Model More suitable for guilds - The managers place an order to rent out their assets to scholars (they can manage all assets within the manager’s account). All orders can be checked in the order system. The manager should set up

  • Rental time
  • Share ratio: i.e. 50% to the manager, 50% to scholar
  • Attribution of dropped items (optional): Manager wants mythical equipment and above (can be changed)
  • Corresponding renter: wallet address (can decide whether rent to certain scholar)
  • In-game Item set selection (Preparing some equipment for scholar)
  • Scholar threshold: above 300 scores (In-game score) Scholar
  • Need to log in with his wallet and bind with his own Email and Password
  • Use his own Email and Password login game

2) What are the Long term projections?

The long term projection of Mirror World is to create multiple games that can be accessed by just 1 Mirror NFT. This will kill the barrier for the players to enter Mirror World, and with the help of multiple games, players can shift to new games of Mirror World.

3) How are the game economics going to work and what revenue opportunities does this present for humanDAO?

There will be a dual token system (governance token and utility token). For every game when a player wins the match/battle they will earn utility tokens. Apart from this there is a chance for players to earn governance tokens when they win some important matches. We are still building out our tokenomics with Republic and there is also a high chance that we will switch to a single token system instead.

As the opportunity to HumanDAO is for Genesis collection NFTs, it has some more advantages such as:

  • This is a limited edition and the strongest collection of Mirror World’s NFTs.
  • Genesis collection holders will have early access to all of our games, so that players can play games and practice before the game launch.
  • Normally the Mirror NFT rarity will range from 1-5 stars but for genesis collection it will start from 3-5 star, which gives 2 star advantage and this will help guilds to earn more utility tokens as compared to others.
  • Genesis holders will have In-game privileges to acquire rare equipment in game.
  • Mirror World will do Airdrop of tokens to Genesis holders for their support in the initial stage.

4) What is the game release schedule?

ARPG (PvE) - Q2 to early Q3.
ARPG (PvP) - Q2 to early Q3
SLG - Q4, 2022

5) Other notable Mirror world partners

Guilds - YGG SEA, Avocado guild, PathDAO, Unix gaming, GGG, Play it forward, hiraya guild, hooga guild, BabyMoon gaming house, Cabala guild, method meta guild etc.

Others- Republic, galaxy interactive, Alameda research, Okx blockdream, YGG SEA, Avocado etc.

6) Anything else you think will be important for the community to know

  1. We’re able to make our NPCs more intelligent in game by leveraging AI

  2. We have an experienced team across the entire gaming industry at large. For example, our senior product managers worked for net ease games, building games like Marvel Super war, Rules of Survival and Knives out. Our programmers worked for Perfect World, which created games like Star Trek online. Our world designer worked for Genshin Impact, one of the biggest games in the world with roughly 55 million players. We believe our team has great experience developing successful games in the past and we’re confident we will do the same for Mirror World

  3. Web 2 to web 3 conversion. We plan to have our games to be streamed by players in web 2 platforms like FB and twitch with the goal of capturing the billions of users already in this platform into our metaverse. We anticipate that we will capture a large traditional gaming market and turn them over into our metaverse.

  4. Each mirror NFT is interoperable across all games. So just by having one mirror nft, you can play all our games

  5. Mirror NFTs are intelligent, so holders can interact/ chat with their NFTs. (the more they chat the more NFT will behave like human)


Investing within Mirror world would fulfill multiple goals for humanDAO:

  1. Further diversify the P2E assets held by the treasury
  2. Add a new revenue stream for the DAO
  3. Offer new opportunities for scholars
  4. Create strategic partnerships within the P2E space.


This proposal is aimed at an investment of either $50K or $100K USDC for Mirror World Assets. We will leave the decision of the DAO’s position size up to the decision of the community.

At current Ethereum prices, 300 mirror world assets, with a 15% discount would cost $46,175 USD or 16.83 ETH.

At current Ethereum prices, 690 mirror world assets, with a 20% discount would cost $99,957.60 USD or 36.43 ETH.


Do you approve this proposal?

  • Approve with $100K investment
  • Approve with $50K investment
  • Needs work
  • Do not approve

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Estara solo disponible en la red ETH, que dice el equipo ?

Is there more info about the game economy? Like what are the use cases for the in-game token?
For the economy to be balanced there has to be an inflow of funds into the game besides the outflow that will happen due to earnings. What will sustan the in-game token price long term (and thus allow the NFTs to retain their value)?


What is driving the ‘intelligence’? First thing I thought of was this: It's Your Fault Microsoft's Teen AI Turned Into Such a Jerk | WIRED

Can you provide a link to their site?

I’ve voted ‘needs work’ for this exact reason. There are a lot of great ideas in here. I like the interoperability across games and there are clearly some nice benefits for early supporters. However, it could all be worthless if the economy fails and I don’t see anything in here that indicates what the buy pressure will be on the tokens.


The games will be on Solana chain, and the reason behind this is the TPS and low gas fees. Company is also planning for multi-chain once the first two games are launch.


You guys can refer this link for in-game structure of the two games

Thanks for your valuable response, Appreciate it :smile:

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Thanks @Northhill

@Shubham23 I’d like to hear more about the token economy as well. Are you able to give more of a top level overview? I took a look at the game loop document, it looks like the main mechanism for token use is character & system upgrades. Are there any other mechanisms for the in-game token, and/or ideas for long-term economy sustainability?

@Travitron website link is here https://mirrorworld.fun/


Sure thing. So currently, we are still developing our in game tokenomics. There is a high chance that we will adopt a single token across all our games, which will just be our governance token. We are developing our in game tokenomics in partnership with Republic, who also did the tokenomics of games like star atlas

  1. we added a utility token development system where skills equipment, improving a role abilities, upgrading characters, purchasing weapons, streaming, expanding your bag and more will need to use utility token and will increase demand of our utility token. That’s why we think that by having this utility token design we are creating a more sustainable ecosystem because there are much more usecases for the token to be used for, not just for breeding in the case of Axie. We believe that this is great for our token in the long run
  2. As for our breeding system, we decided to be different from the other games in this aspect. The problem we saw with many games in the market was that players kept breeding characters, which inflated the amount of in game characters and utility token as well. In our games, there wont be a breeding mechanism. Instead, players will be able to invest in new characters by using stable coin like usdt or usdc. And they can invest in these new characters in our market places. After, we will use the revenue generatred from selling these characters into burning and buying back our tokens. We believe that this model is much more sustainable for the long term viability of our games.

Attached image below will help you to get a brief overview of the token economy in-game for Mirrama (ARPG). As we are still designing in-game economy there can be more spins to it


Thanks @Shubham23 and @tonichibonoan I appreciate the extra detail and the thought that’s gone in here

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