humanDAO: Update & Progress: 2024

Exciting News from the humanDAO Team: Our Official Project Update is Here!

Hey hDAO Community! We’re thrilled to share with you a comprehensive update on our journey from mid-2023 into 2024. This update covers all the exciting progress we’ve made and outlines our vision moving forward.

We believe in transparency and community engagement, so we’ve published a detailed report and would love for you to join the conversation.

:link: Dive into the Full Update Here: humanDAO Update: Progress and Insights

Let’s discuss and build together. Your feedback is invaluable as we continue to evolve and make an impact. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts!

Many thanks to the team for this great update (thx @Corey for also opening a discussion here). I’ve only just found the time to look at this in detail.

I think we have all been overrun by the AI wave in recent months. Not that the applications and their potential (especially the LLMs) could not have been predicted. There have been countless discussions for many years. But the force and breadth with which the topic is being discussed by the general public is remarkable. All the better that the team is positioned accordingly. The big bet, however, is whether the “combination of AI and human assistants on HTF” really can “unlock new levels of efficiency”. In the end it always is about the UX drawing on a proper UI that drives mass adoption. Embedded AI will be the status quo not only in consumer facing companies. I hope we can create a real value proposition for all those involved (not only in the monetary sense) at the interface between humans and machine.

I like the integration of the new ENRG token especially as an instrument to track down the platform usage. Using the minting fees of ENRG to buy and burn $HDAO closes the loop between the core offering of the HTF platform and the investors. When you write “all fees generated from ENRG minting are channelled to purchase and burn $HDAO tokens from the Liquidity Pool” do you mean that every dollar that is needed to mint one ENRG will be used for the buy and burn? And, I know it’s always difficult to tell, but can you put some dates on the roadmap?

As always there are exciting times ahead.

Thanks and cheers

Hi @Corey,
one question: Is there already an update or concrete roadmap regarding the introduction of the ENRG token? And also to the other topics which are mentioned in this post?
PS: To be honest I am not really sure what this project is about. I think there is a clear leadership missing who is pushing this project further. Discord is quite active, so there is somehow a community, but there is now also this HTH platform (Is this used?) and this AI Assistants (Is this used? and is it not “just” a Interface to openAI + some training data). Ah anyway, just some thoughts.

Hey @MarBrat

The latest update for the $ENRG token and the HTF platform can be found here. Human Task Force: Launch Day Zero Announcement | by Human Task Force | Mar, 2024 | Medium

You can find out info about the $ENRG tokenomics here: $ENRG Token | humanDAO

TL;DR - The $ENRG token has been launched (alongside the platform redesign & build) and is being utilised by assistants and the HDAO team. The platform is currently undergoing internal testing, before opening to a wider beta further down the road.

There is a general internal roadmap for launching of the platform throughout 2024. I think it may be a good time for @Chris2pherChase to release a community post about his vision for the DAO and associated ecosystem projects. I think this would help with transparency & future direction.

I just raised your feedback and we’re also discussing adding a “month in review” post that will give general updates regarding the HTF platform and associated projects such as AI assistants and DD bot. I think this could help with the transparency of the projects being developed, until we are at the point we can begin onboarding users to the platform?

Hello @Corey, @Chris2pherChase
Thank you for your detailed update. Indeed, I have not seen the latest update from HTF. I will have to check HTF’s Medium page now as well. I also think you guys are working a lot in the background on all the issues, but for me at least, a more regular update (maybe at one point a more concrete timeline) would be much appreciated!
All the best