Moonbirds NFT Asset Swap


This proposal was written by Corey, Adam and Christopher and is put forth on behalf of the humanDAO team.


After forming a strategic partnership with Moonbirds earlier in the year, the humanDAO treasury received 50 oddities to use as it saw fit. As it stands, Oddities have a floor price of 1.3 ETH, with ETH being worth $1,280 - a total of $1664 per Oddity.

The floor price of a Moonbird is currently at 9.75 ETH, which is $12,480. A Moonbird is currently 7.5X the value of an oddity. The humanDAO team proposes that it sells up to 20 Oddities (also covering sales fees) and use the funds to purchase two Moonbirds.

Flipping Oddities to purchase a Moonbird will diversify the humanDAO treasury while leaving 30+ oddities to distribute accordingly.

The advantages of the humanDAO treasury holding Moonbirds are:

-access to future airdrops & giveaways

-whitelist access

-further gated Discord access

-voting rights in the forthcoming Moonbird DAO


As the original NFT defining and uniting the Proof community, Moonbirds took over crypto conversations when they launched and continue to be sought after as a means of accessing one of web3’s most recognised communities of artists and collectors. Oddities, a secondary collection, provide a basic level of access to the Proof community on Discord, but does not come with the same level of privileges (including future airdrops, giveaways, whitelists, additional gated access in Discord, and IRL meetups).

Moonbirds also come with an added layer of utility called “nesting”, which is similar to staking a token and locking it from being traded or transferred. Nested Moonbirds accrue additional benefits over time, obtaining higher tier levels (visualized through an upgraded nest), enabling enhanced drops and rewards.

We believe that a more diverse set of Proof NFTs (Moonbirds and Oddities) will give the DAO the best possible chance of accessing the full range of future benefits of being part of the Proof community.

This belief was reinforced by the recent announcement of the Moonbird DAO, which will launch in early 2023 with a $2.6M treasury (at today’s ETH and NFT prices) and will accrue royalties from Moonbirds while reinvesting back into the project, beginning with the purchase of 37 additional Moonbirds. As Moonbird holders, humanDAO would have a say in the future direction of the new DAO and an influence over its continued social impact strategy, a position we believe will be more advantageous than simply holding Oddities NFTs.

As any ETH raised from the sale of humanDAO-owned Oddities will be reinvested into the Proof ecosystem via Moonbirds purchases (generating royalties), and the DAO will obtain a highly engaged governance participant, we see this as a win-win for Proof and humanDAO.


This proposal will be a neutral trade for the treasury (excluding transaction costs) as the Oddities were free for humanDAO. A Moonbird is around $12,480, so we will need to sell up to 20 Oddities to cover the purchase cost & selling fees of two Moonbirds.

*Price changes can occur and the number of oddities sold may have to be slightly amended


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is this humandao project dead? doesnt seem to be any other new proposals about this or anything else?