P2E Games watchlist

Use this topic as a place to share games that you have seen with potential to line up with HumanDAO interests. Games can be both live, or still in the works - just add any resources you have so they can be looked into.


There are a few existing games that are marketed as “play to earn” but I don’t believe fit the same model as Axie. I’m not positive these require the same inputs and earning potential from lending assets, but I think they’re worth listing to be exhaustive of the options:

  • Treasure / $MAGIC website
    • Treasure plans to build an ecosystem of games where their DAO provides $MAGIC emissions to bootstrap liquidity in each game
    • They have their own marketplace where everything is priced in MAGIC, and plan to generalize the marketplace to any NFTs. Currently you can only buy partnered projects
    • Much of this is staking at the moment to earn MAGIC rewards, but there are plans to divert those emissions to different games each quarter, voted on by the DAO.
    • PvP is on their roadmap for the main game Bridgeworld, but the game doesn’t exist today. The only thing that exists are the NFT assets (Legions, Treasures)
  • DeFi Kingdoms website
    • I have tracked this one less than the others, but looks like it has the deepest gameplay
    • Runs on Harmony One blockchain
    • Everything looks like liquidity/staking at the moment. PvE and PvP are the last thing on their roadmap
  • EtherOrcs: website
    • This might have more “earning” potential as the NFTs are sent on quests (PvE)
    • There is PvP on their roadmap
    • They already migrated gameplay to Polygon
  • Wolf Game: website
    • There is currently not much to do other than stake NFTs for rewards.
    • They sold plots of land, and are in the process of developing a game to make this land “productive”. Release 2022
  • Wizards & Dragons: website
    • Similar to the above, it’s in development. Currently this just looks like using your NFT to yield in-game assets.
    • They have a roadmap including PvP
    • They are suggesting migrating gameplay to L2 (Polygon or Arbitrum)

This is great @troyb.eth ! Like you said, it does seem like a similar story in terms of other games lacking an Axie scholarship scheme. I know that’s high on the priority list as it enables us to follow our DAO mission closely, and it helps mitigate the speculation aspect of buying and holding assets. It looks like we may need to take some level of risk and invest in games that appear to be the closest to releasing a scholarship type function.

I really like the idea of DeFi Kingdoms, and tried to get into it myself but the startup cost was just too high at current JEWEL prices. I’m awaiting the launch on Avalanche to see if it’s more affordable to get started.

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Hola, he seguido de cerca y leido su papel blanco y su tokenomia, de una aplicación para aprender ingles y esta muy innovadora, muy bien diseñada y admite sistema de becas, su modelo lo hacen llamar Learn to Earn.
Por favor tenerla en cuenta, ayudaría mucho al mundo y esta muy alineada con la Dao.

Let Me Speak

Along with the Gods: Knights of the Daw (P2E by PlayDapp).

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Decentral Games ICE Poker website

  • Runs on Polygon but must be logged into Mainnet
  • NFT wearable needed to play poker and earn ICE
  • NFTs can be delegated where delegate and delegator split varies based on NFT level
  • Two mints per month but must qualify for whitelist to mint
  • Floor is 2.46 ETH

would love to work out a way for the people I’m delegating to to be able to purchase their own soon, but rising prices are prohibitive. Would really want to go in on one with them, upgrade the wearable and then sell at level five so that all can purchase a lvl1 at floor.

Hi @Corey,

I think this is the great time to have HDAO another P2E games since crypto world is currently in a dip price.

I highly recommend PEGAXY. Here’s their White paper: https://whitepaper.pegaxy.io/
Main Website: https://pegaxy.io/

Pegaxy is a play-to-earn PVP style horse racing game where players compete for top 3 placement against 11 other racers. Each race has randomised elemental variables which include wind, water, fire, speed and more. Within the game, players are able to breed, rent, sell, and of course race their Pega to earn VIS tokens.

I get quite a few queries about this. Would love someone to do a detailed write up about it and show what the value proposition would be to the DAO (investment required, earnings etc. etc.)

It would attract a significant token bounty for anyone who could lead that through to adoption.

It may be that sometimes it is ignorance of other games because while researching I found DRACE, a racetrack-themed game with more development on it

I was an early tokenholder in that project. They seem to have progressed quite well, but the token price hasn’t reflected that, I need to look into it some more to see the latest news.


We did take a brief look into Pegaxy, the issue for us would be the investment per NFT. It would take a considerable amount of treasury funds. for one pegaxy scholar, you could recruit around 3-5 Axie scholars.


I am preparing the entire proposal on Let Me Speak, it is very revolutionary with multiple input options, my native language is Spanish and it is very useful for creating the Spanish-speaking community where I am.


Hi @Corey

This is to update you about Pegaxy, I am currently browsing their marketplace and as I can see their Pega’s price right now is cheap. We can buy a 0 breed Pega’s so that we are also able to breed them as well with cheap breeding cost. Like Axie Infinity they have a long term goal and there are incoming updates soon.

Marketplace: https://play.pegaxy.io/marketplace?tab=pega&breedFrom=0&breedTo=0

This is our best chance to joined Pegaxy. Thanks.

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The price of jewel is extremely low now, they expanded to their own chain called DFK chain on a subnet of avax , was very innovative, all has been going well and they are about to expand again with a strat. partnership with klaytn, (price has been exploding!) anyways the way to play DFK at this time would be to buy 2 Gen. 0 heroes so that someone can breed them. also i have a ton of locked jewel that needs manual clicks to release via ‘mining’ if anyone was interested it could be worth it …

hey there, id love to be more involved, let me know whats going on :slight_smile: Thanks