P2E Investment Opportunity: Hunters On-Chain

Presented by @adamdawson.eth and @Gambit

This proposal is presented for discussion, specific investment decisions have not yet been proposed.

Hunters On-Chain is an action RPG utilizing blockchain technology where players face off against each other and nature in various game modes with the aim of becoming the ultimate hunter.

Hunters On-Chain is a revamped version of the popular Hunters game, which boasts over 5 million downloads on both AppStore and Google Play. Launched in March 2021, Hunt Royale quickly gained success. However, in January 2022, the team realized the action RPG’s potential to reach even greater heights and came up with the idea of tokenization. Given the existing game mechanics, it made sense to take Hunt Royale to Web3. After a few months of tokenization design and adaptations, Hunters On-Chain was born.

Hunters on Chain (HoC) currently utilizes Sequence wallets and is on the Polygon Network. Early this month, they have announced that they will be moving to a better, gasless chain rumored to be Ronin but no confirmation has been released yet. Speculations about the new chain being Ronin were based on the fact that there are only a few gasless chains out there and Ronin has been the best and most popular one among web3 games and gamers.


HoC has two tokens - $BGEM (in-game currency) and $BOOM (ecosystem currency)

HoC also has a rental mechanic. We can rent out DAO assets to scholars (at no cost or risk) and set a rewards share - typically 50/50.

T1 Genesis ‘Hunter’ NFTs have the highest earning potential due to their permanent 100% bonus on every match. As an example, a level 5 T1 hunter with 16 energy can do 13 runs of Boss hunt mode, generating ~1M $BGEM per day.

A scholar can feasibly play 5 different hunters each day (a little over 3 hours of total game time), yielding 5M $BGEM, roughly equivalent to 8 MATIC.

Shards and artifacts can also be earned by opening chests in game using $BGEM or traded with other players. Prices for each depend on the rarity, ranging from $20k to $160k $BGEM, and this can boost player earnings.

Investment Ideas for Discussion

In the alpha stages of the project, it is recommended we start with 5 scholars with 5 hunters each. The best hunters would be T1 Hunters as they have the highest earning potential among all hunters in the game.

We can either buy 25 T1 chests at around 250 $MATIC each (approx. $5k USD) or we can look for good T1 hunters that are already at level, but these will cost more.

We can also go with T2 or Premium hunters which costs less but also have less earning potential. With these hunters, we can get more scholars and make sure that we have good hunters in our roster with slightly less earning per hunter per match. We can compensate this by having a bigger number of scholars.

We are anticipating the move of HoC to a gasless chain will be a bullish catalyst that brings in new players and guilds, supporting price appreciation of the key strategic assets such as T1 hunters.

Hunters On-Chain game - https://www.boomland.io/
T1 Genesis Chests - https://opensea.io/collection/hunters-on-chain-poylgon
Genesis T1 and T2 Hunters - Magic Eden - NFT Marketplace


Boomland team released an official statement recently that the game will be moved to Immutable X which is also a great chain and houses big games like metalcore, undead blocks, and Gods Unchained.

Using the power of StarkEx zero-knowledge rollups (ZK rollups), ImmutableX can offer transaction speeds of up to 9,000 TPS, all while still leveraging the security of the Ethereum blockchain.

We are expecting this move to bring in thousands of players in Q2 and help increase the tokens’ values along with NFT assets such as T1 hunters.