PEGAXY - NFT Play to Earn Game

Hello everyone!

This is just to present you about another P2E games called PEGAXY.
This game has a future potential or a steping stone to get HumanDAO become a biggest DAO.

◘ What’s Pegaxy?

Pegaxy is a Participant v Participant (PVP) horse racing simulator which affords you many methods to be concerned within the sport and its ecosystem.

◘ Has the game launched, is it playable?

Yes, the Pegaxy Beta launch was in this autumn 2021 with its market, rental system and breeding programmes additionally arriving presently and It is playable.

◘ What is the Pegaxy ecosystem?

Pegaxy has a very unique ecosystem that allows players to enter any race, for free. With this economic model, gameplay is very competitive, however the rewards are still lucrative. Players compete against 14 other racers in an attempt to earn a top 3 placement. You can also breed your Pegas with a certain fees.

◘ How much VIS can you earn in Pegaxy?

With 175 VIS in the Prize Pool, only the top 3 could earn the Pegaxy’s utility token called Vigorous (VIS): the 1st place could win 105 VIS, 2nd place is 44 VIS, and the 3rd place is 26 VIS.

◘ What is the yield/ROI opportunity?

Based on the price of Pegas(Horses) right now. If we can get more than 500 scholars for $100k USDT. Pegas has 25 energies so you can race for 25 times and let’s say the Pegas will win with 19% win rate or with 4 wins per day.

4 wins = 420 $VIS/day/Scholar
500 Scholars x 420 $VIS/day = 210000 $VIS/day
$VIS Price as of today $0.007054 x 210000 $VIS = $1481.34
If 50/50 Share of $1481.34 = $740.67

       / $740.67

ROI in = 135 days

The calculation just based on the price as of today.
What if the $VIS price rise?
We can also breed our Pegas to get more scholars.

◘ Is there a barrier to entry to play? (like Axie, you need 3 axies to play)

The player only needs to create their own Metamask wallet with Polygon Network. The players need 1 Pega to race in the stadiun with 25 energies per day and will add 1 energy/hour. Managers don’t need to create a Metamask wallet for every scholar because they can manage to send the pega to another Metamask wallet and at the same time they can manage to get back the pegas from where it sent if the scholar didn’t perform well.

The game can play to any browser via PC/Deskstop by connecting the Metamask Wallet:

◘ Does this game provide wage/scholarship opportunity?

Yes, the game can provide scholarship. They have also a renting program where you can post your pega to marketplace for rent so that other players outside scholarship can rent your pega. The good thing on this scholarship program is you can set how many percent will the scholar get and automatically reflect the share on their metamask wallet. So, meaning to say managers don’t need to manually do the pay out or calculate the sharing for scholars. $VIS minted per day by scholars will be automatically reflect on both managers and scholars Metamask wallet. Managers can also see the energies remaining of every pegas so that they will know who are not performing on their scholars.

We can also set a contractual scholarship program for atleast 6 months, it means that after that certain time the scholar will graduate of being a scholar and convinced them to buy their own Pega. In this case we can help another person to get a scholarship.

◘ Is the dev team legit, have prior game experience?

Yes the developer have a long term goal for Pegaxy just like Axie Infinity.
I actually tried to play the game with my friends account and at the same time doing a research on the game. The game is really easy to play you just need to race/energy and wait for the result.

Below is their official links:

Official website:
Official Discord: Pegaxy

◘ Here’s another info about Breeding: Breeding - Pegaxy White Paper

Pegas Bloodlines: Zan, Klin, Campona and Hoz
Pegas Breedtypes: Founding, Legendary, Epic, Rare and Pacer

◘ The founding team of Pegaxy

The Pegaxy game was founded in February 2021. Since then, we have on-boarded over 50 full time staff from all around the world, in areas such as game design and engineering, blockchain development, unity, HR, Product Owners, Art, Customer Support and more. Pegaxy was founded by three core team members, seen below:

CEO - Ken Pham

Ken is actively involved in almost all areas of the business. He dives deep into product development, business development and international business relations.

He is a Masters Degree recipient in International Business and is known to be a very seasoned team builder. He brings along 10 years experience as a Business Establishment Consultant for many multinational corporations alongside well documented knowledge in the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry.


CTO - Steve Nguyen

Steve is the leader and mastermind in all technical and engineering areas within Pegaxy. He is actively involved in the development of the game, the development of blockchain aspects, management of the technical team and mobile game design.

He is also the CTO of Appota Group, a pioneering company building an ecosystem of products and services for over 55 millions users. With nearly 15 years of experience in the IT industry, he is considered a seasoned expert in managing and building gaming platforms and mobile apps. Steve and Appota have built and developed Gamota, one of the biggest game publishers in Vietnam.


CMO - Corey Wilton

Corey spearheads the growth and development of the Pegaxy user base and international community. He is actively involved in managing the marketing team, customer support team and brand design team.

Based in Australia, Corey has had a career spanning over 7 years inside the digital marketing and customer service landscape. Providing services to over 20 cryptocurrency projects since 2018, he has a well documented history in blockchain and brings a broad range of gaming and digital marketing experience to the team.

◘ Regarding all these new P2E games the team is the most important, will they be able to pull it off?

Since they have a long term goal for Pegaxy I think they will be able to pull it off. As what I can see they have a healthy team since they are having a company outing sometimes and they are always update the Pegaxian what’s happening in Pegaxy and on their team. They are very transparent.

◘ What in your opinion is the reason for the dramatic drop in prices for the Pegas (horses)?

In my own opinion about this dramatic drop in prices of Pegas is most of the owner of Pegas withdraw their $VIS or assets immidiately because the price was high during the hype of this game and they are able to get the ROI. The issue here is low lp of $VIS and no ones buying so no liquidity and one more thing, there is a big guild sold all their assets causes this big dump in the market and cause the problem in lp. However there are coming updates soon to be released by Pegaxy to attract more investor.

◘ New Investor of Pegaxy:

◘ Pegaxy updates recently:

  • Stats based racing and Genetic breeding - Done
  • Breeding Event - Done
  • Pega Burning Mechanics + Pega Level up - Incoming this April 14

This is the good time to invest on this P2E game platform.

I wish that HumanDAO will be the biggest DAO soon.

Thank you for your time on reading this proposal.


Do you approved this proposal?
  • Approve $25k to $50k investment
  • Approve $50k to $100k investment
  • Needs work
  • Do not approve

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FYI! Here’s the revision of the voting poll above:
These are the initial investment in the options: $25k and $50k.
The range is just incase that the project is good that’s the time we can expand the investment.

  • Approve $25k investment
  • Approve $50k investment
  • Needs work
  • Do not approve

I agree with this. Now is the best time to buy since the price of vis and per horse dropped down from 800 to 50-70 USDT per horse (Floor price).


Thanks @JVVVV. This P2E game is just like HumanDAO it’s still baby and still growing.


I Agree with this NFT game! Pegaxy to the moon :heart_eyes:


I read and agree with this proposal! Thank you Sir Jes!


I read and understand well this proposal, I will surely agree with this


I agree with sir Jesriel proposal since HumanDAO is growing larger it’s best to invest to another p2e game just like Pegaxy

Pegaxy is a play-to-earn PVP style horse racing game where players compete for top 3 placement against 11 other racers.

Each race has randomised elemental variables which include wind, water, fire, speed and more. Using strategic upgrades, food and skill, players must place in the top 3 to earn the platforms utility token, VIS (Vigorus).

Within the game, players are able to breed, rent, sell, and of course race their Pega to earn VIS tokens. This system has proven to be a sound long-term economic approach when building an NFT/Blockchain based game as it enables teams to build large guilds, scholarship programs, and even provides solo players the opportunity to earn a second income through daily racing.

The initial sale of 5,000 Founding Pega was held in October 2021, alongside the PGX launch via IDO in November. The first 5,000 Pega were dubbed “Founding” Pega as they were the only ones created by the Pegaxy Development team. Every Pega after #5,000 has beeen minted (created) through the breeding model inside the game.


This suggestion is wonderful, and I will definitely agree with it.

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A very comprehensive proposal. Easy to understand for beginners like me.

I agree that now is the time to invest when the price per pega is low.

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Thanks for the additional info Sir @Jefrey

Here’s another info about Breeding: Breeding - Pegaxy White Paper

Pegas Bloodlines: Zan, Klin, Campona and Hoz
Pegas Breedtypes: Founding, Legendary, Epic, Rare and Pacer

I agree with the PEGAXY proposal! :fire::money_with_wings:

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Indeed, I’m sure we all agree with this proposal. Very well said sir.:white_heart:

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Thank you for putting this forth. My main concern with pegaxy is currently the lack of any game mechanics. If the increase in pegaxys through breeding continues, it will increase the rate in which the pegaxys decrease in value. People aren’t playing the game because they enjoy it, it is essentially a tool to farm VIS. I’m aware they have skill based mechanics on the roadmap, but it seems like this is a long way away. If the economy dries up before this happens, it looks to me like people will stop playing pegaxy very quickly and move onto the next farming opportunity within the P2E space. If we were to invest, I feel like a smaller investment of $25K - $50K would be appropriate.

I Had some questions around the game (for ease, base it on a $100K investment)

  • If $100K would provide 500 scholarships, how many scholarships would that provide for a more established game such as Thetan arena. And what would be the difference in revenue generated for the Thetan arena scholarships?

  • are another other P2E guilds currently purchasing Pegaxys - Are they stepping in to purchase the cheaper assets?

  • What is the Pegaxy teams current ideas around the skill based mechanics they plan to implement? have they released details and if so, what are they?

  • how does the pegaxy breeding mechanism work? Is there lots being bred and if so, is there a plan to slow this rate down?

  • What are the VIS tokenomics like? Are they inflationary, or is the circulating supply capped? (anything else worth noting)


Good morning @Corey,

Thank you for your suggestions and questions. I will be looking for some answers on it. We can do whatever is good for our community. I agree if we can start from a smaller investment of $25k-$50k and incase the Pegaxy is good and will grow soon we can add another investment.

I hope you have a good day Mr. @Corey



Here’s my answer to your questions Mr.

◘ Are another other P2E guilds currently purchasing Pegaxys - Are they stepping in to purchase the cheaper assets?

◘ What is the Pegaxy teams current ideas around the skill based mechanics they plan to implement? Have they released details and if so, what are they?

  • As of the moment, there’s no details regarding the skill-based gameplay yet. They will let us know once they released it.

◘ How does the pegaxy breeding mechanism work? Is there lots being bred and if so, is there a plan to slow this rate down?

  • Current number of pega is still small that’s why they don’t have a plan to slow it down yet.

◘ What are the VIS tokenomics like? Are they inflationary, or is the circulating supply capped? (anything else worth noting)

I hope those information would help.

Some of the information I gathered are from their chat support team. These guys are amazing and can answer your question about Pegaxy. Just to let you know that their chat support team works 24/7. If you still have another questions you can try to contact them as well using their official website, you can see a LET’S CHAT widget at the right buttom:

Thank you and have a great day ahead.



I think this is a good investment to have pegaxy p2e game in humandao so many people looking in this p2e game cant wait to having experience to play this game


i already experienced this game but i used matic to rent in shrepoint its pretty to have here in our community

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It was a very interesting proposal; I’d played this game before and I can say it was easy to played; all you need is a good type of Pega to finish in the top three. Even though the VIS values are decreasing, it is still worthwhile to play because you can still earn while playing Pegaxy.

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