Project Prodigy - Token Exchange/Partnership


This proposal was written by Adam (adamdawson.eth) in collaboration with Marius (aka MDP), founder of Project Prodigy


Project Prodigy are launching a community-funded DAO to advance crypto gaming in Africa. Their focus areas are African eSports and blockchain gaming, with the aim of education and talent development, value creation (for both token holders and the target market) and onboarding onto web3
and web3 gaming.

They are seeking a partnership with humanDAO where we help them garner attention for their token launch on Juicebox, in exchange for 0.25% of their total token supply (up to 2.5M of potential total supply of 1B total tokens).

The ask of humanDAO is:

  • 2-3 tweets advising people about the launch
  • An announcement in our Discord

Note: this is to create awareness only so that people can discover and inform themselves about the DAO; it is not to compel people to buy the token.

Project homepage:
Litepaper: Litepaper – PROJECT PRODIGY
Project pitch deck: Project Prodigy DAO Pitch.pdf - Google Drive


The major consideration for the DAO is reputational - do we feel comfortable vocalizing our support and advising people about the launch/token?

In terms of values, the two DAOs are well-aligned. Both are mission-driven organisations focused on connecting people in underserved communities with new opportunities enabled by crypto/web3. Project Prodigy is also following a similar launch plan to humanDAO with a community-led funding round to maximise the total number of token holders and decentralize ownership as much as possible.

There is also potential for win-win scenarios between the two communities given our overlapping interests in blockchain gaming as an entry point to crypto and source of income.

While this proposal is only for the initial launch support, our hope is to build a longer term strategic partnership.


There is no cost to humanDAO.


Do you approve of humanDAO creating awareness for the Project Prodigy DAO launch in exchange for 2.5M (0.25% of supply) of their new token?

  • Yes
  • More information needed (comment below)
  • No

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Super for, good alliance are just what we need

Many thanks for evaluating potential partnerships, it’s always helpful to find well-aligned projects. I assume you did a proper DD on this one.