Template Contest Submission - Weighted Numerical Ratings

I’ve drafted a numerical scorecard (with adjustable weightings) that takes into account a game’s project fundamentals, accessibility and P2E mechanics. I think there are more areas I’d like to include as part of the assessment, but it’s looking like a nice foundation.

Appreciate any feedback and happy to share the bounty (if successful) with those that make a meaningful contribution to the development.


This is really great!

How about a section for project governance?

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Thanks for the submission @adamdawson.eth Looks great!

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As in what level of control do token holders have over the direction of the game?

I was also thinking it needs a simpler pre-screener to validate that the game is actually a good fit to humanDAO, either as a scholar model or something else which suits our community.

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That’s what I was thinking exactly. Although, I’m not sure if a game’s governance structure should be a qualification parameter, but maybe something to note about the game.

Not every great game will have to be fully decentralized with governance only in the player’s hands. I’m sure it will be a sliding scale. Plus, a game could have decentralization on its roadmap.

A prescreener would be good to help prioritize which games when we have a large amount to choose between.

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That’s the benefit of a weighted model. I can add it in, so it’s a consideration, but make it of lesser importance to the overall decision. Good feedback.

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Nice template! IMHO, the core element should be ROI of P2E. However, if the game is not playable, the accessibility should impact the score of P2E. Not sure how we can achieve this goal w/ weighted numerical rating.

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Cheers. That might be where a pre-screening process comes in; make sure there’s an attractive P2E ROI that facilitates a lender/scholar dynamic first, and then only do the detailed due diligence on games that pass through that first filter.

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Think you guys have hit the nail on the head already. Score needs to be weighted against currently playable scholar games. Perhaps we have 2 categories of proposals - one for currently available games and another which goes onto a watchlist until it is available to play.

Also, a section which takes the future roadmap & opportunities into consideration. e.g the game currently has a PVP element, but in 4 months the game plans to release a rented land scheme, which in turn would generate high yield for early adopters.


I know this was submitted a while ago, but I’m new so I wanted to add a comment. This is really well thought out and demonstrates a commitment to stewardship of the DAOs assets.


Submitted a while ago but still not done :grin: it’s on my list to finish it just keeps getting bumped down said list

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