HIP 009 - Builder Runway Proposal 2023-2024


This proposal is put forth by the humanDAO lead team


Our treasury currently maintains assets worth around $1.8 million, excluding our native token. We propose an allocation of $555,000 from the treasury, specifically to ensure a 12-month financial runway for the dedicated builders engrossed in the development and expansion of our AI Assistant, the Human Task Force (HTF—previously Pocket Assistants), and the DAO itself.

Our AI Assistant has already secured its inaugural client through Enzyme for 2500 $MLN and 250 $MLN/yr, with more token grants anticipated upon the completion of future milestones.

We will be using these funds for the wages of our team, adding many more developer positions, and use for marketing of HTF and AI services. Regrettably, due to market forces, we are still unable to utilize $HDAO for salaries due to selling pressure and low liquidity.

This 12-month runway provides a secure platform for our builders and the DAO to concentrate on honing the capabilities of the AI assistant and HTF. This is a pivotal moment for humanDAO, as we now have new tools and services, and are starting to see interest for them as well.


We wish to draw attention to the current progress we are making and the significant advancements we’ve achieved since our last budget. It is crucial to underline its influence on charting the course for humanDAO, and why we believe this fresh budget proposal is integral to its growth. For the first time since our inception, we possess a robust and innovative strategy to execute our mission of “improving lives through crypto”—beyond the scope of gaming alone.

Project Domains

  1. AI Assistant Development: The crafting of AI assistants to cater to a broad spectrum of users and projects, spanning from developers and investors to community members. We envision these AI Assistants becoming integral components of DAOs, protocols, and gaming platforms. They can assist with a variety of tasks, from responding to inquiries and guiding users of new games, to formulating strategic financial decisions based on analyzed data. This involves ongoing refinement and enhancement of the AI’s capabilities and can simultaneously fuel our HTF platform, offering earning opportunities to those in need.

    1. Ambassador Program: Stimulating the sale of AI assistants through an ambassador scheme to establish a self-sustaining cycle of sales and growth for the DAO. The ambassador initiative will generate up to 20% of the initial sale of the AI Assistant for the ambassador and our chief builder team. The remaining 80% will be channeled into the DAO’s treasury. This strategy aligns and incentivizes all parties to spread the word and secure new clientele.
  2. Human Task Force: This is a strategic shift from the formerly termed ‘Pocket Assistants’ to more accurately mirror the use cases and potentialities of the human teams powering the AI Assistant. Primarily, we engage underprivileged individuals to validate and maintain our AI Assistants via missions and bounties on HTF. We have also piqued the interest of gaming studios for beta game-testers—a promising use-case we anticipate rolling out once HTF transitions from its beta phase. Every time a task is completed in HTF, a financial lifeline extends to someone in need.

Review of Prior Proposal and Results

The evolution towards AI and our new trajectory meant we couldn’t expand the team and utilize all the earmarked funds from the preceding budget proposal. You can find the details of the previous proposal for 9 months and $344k HERE. Notably, we came in well under-budget by $89,000.

  1. P2E Scholarships and Web3 Gaming: We still maintain an active Axie gaming community with scholars, but growth is difficult during the bear market. Despite the declining demand for P2E post bull market, we have persevered with the gaming initiative via our "GameChat" blog and Twitter page. In early 2023 we purchased an ‘Ethlizard’ NFT to gain access to one of the most respected and well-established web3 gaming communities, and our nominee for their Portfolio Council, which directs DAO investments in gaming projects, was successful in claiming a seat in this influential team. Through the blog, our social presence, and participation in communities such as Ethlizards, we are forging strategic partnerships like the ones with PlanckX and Mighty Bear Games, laying the groundwork for this new avenue to deliver information to gamers and showcase the worth of new games. Paired with HTF and a brigade of game-testers, this combination could provide a valuable advantage for humanDAO.

  2. Pocket Assistants: In response to the rise of AI, we’ve pivoted and renamed pocket assistants to the Human Task Force. This platform now powers the data collection for AI Assistants. This rebranding emerged as a significant victory for our team and has materially contributed to the advancement of our AI Assistants, enabling them to outperform similar bots. The DAO remains firmly dedicated to its foundational pillar of improving lives through crypto. While the future of human work in an AI-centric world remains uncertain, we firmly believe in the potential of projects that fuse human and AI components to provide opportunities within the web3 industry and beyond. We just prioritize the underserved in our outlook and efforts, hoping that HTF will be a platform to provide a multitude of diverse earning opportunities.

  3. Education and hDAO 2.0/Rep3: As AI takes center stage, we’ve had to rethink our strategy on hDAO 2.0. Effectively postponing it due to our limited resources, to focus on AI Assistants and HTF due to their potential to return revenue to the DAO. Despite not utilizing Rep 3 in the end, we maintain our commitment to implementing a decentralized identification system in our roadmap. We believe the appropriate time for its deployment will come.

The rise of AI posed a substantial challenge for the Pocket Assistants platform. However, our team adapted by converting Pocket Assistants into the Human Task Force, which now powers our newly introduced AI Assistants. Initially conceptualized, the AI Assistants have been validated through the successful onboarding of our client(s). This strategic shift has expanded our product and service offerings, positioning us to capitalize on the global macro AI changes effectively. It is a testament to our ability to adapt and innovate within a rapidly evolving technological landscape.

Budget Proposal

We propose that the treasury allocate a $555,000 budget to fund these ventures over the next 12 months. This budget will be transferred to the builder multisig, ensuring the continuation of the current team’s wages and facilitating the onboarding of additional developers, and a small marketing budget when needed. This proposal will effectively provide salaries for 26-30 people, and when considering our use of the HTF platform, it extends to provide wages for hundreds more.

Project Goals

  1. Refinement and expansion of the capabilities, user base, and client base of the AI Assistant and the Human Task Force.
  2. Revenue generation through the operations of the AI Assistant and the HTF platform.
  3. Continue to manage the server and onboard scholars to utilize our Axie assets for any P2E revenue opportunities.

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Exciting times for the DAO! Great to see a stable team sticking to the goals and starting to generate real revenue, especially when so many have left entirely during this bear market.


Cheers to the HumanDao team in keeping an open view for opportunities. Keep improving the lives of people! You got my support all the way, i trust the HumanDao team and their capabilities.

I would love to see a more detailed description of where the investment is going to be spent on.

Like how many are the cost for wages.

How much is going to the ai investment and in the htf.

If possible start with a good foundation for exponential growth in the future. Make the both the ai en htf easy to scale up.

Keep up the good and hard work!

Hey Bertus, about 95% is for wages, the remainder is a small advertising/marketing budget when HTF or AI service is ready enough to justify marketing. We need to build out our dev team, who are building out the HTF platform and AI service. So we will be adding about 4 more devs. There is no investment going to AI/HTF outside of the wages of those building it. If passed, this budget will ensure the continued facilitation of the community (server, games, etc.), Axie scholarship program, as well as the building of HTF/AI services, all with a goal to create revenue streams.

Thanks for your explanation, my only worry is how HumanDao will manage the payments of the wages after the investment runs out of money?

I know they will bring revenue in to the dao, but i don’t know if 555K a year is going to be possible in the first few years. It’s really hard to earn your investment back in 3 to 5 years. After the product are launched and server cost will be increased with the more clients committed to use the ai.

Can u tell me your view on these hurdles?

Sure. Over time, server costs will continue lower per compute IMO. Besides your questions kind of answers it, if server costs are rising for us, it is because more people are using the platforms, thus more revenue.

We take it 1 builder budget at a time. We have these platforms that will hopefully drive and create meaningful economic activity around humanDAO and HDAO. But we obviously have to build them out too. And we have the investable/DeFi funds from a previous proposal, that if invested wisely, could spur big gains come next bull market.

Many thanks humanDAO team for putting forth this ambitious proposal. Indeed, these are exciting times ahead. As an investor of the first hours as well as someone who continuously invests in our community I like the capability of the humanDAO to adapt to changing market environments. The treasury allocation ask is a big gulp from the bottle, however a necessary one to prepare for current and even more coming demand.

You guys point out that selling pressure and low liquidity are reasons to not utilizing $HDAO for salaries. The quite low liquidity is a real problem, also for new investors trying to enter our community and facing high slippage and a bad price discovery. The first staking rewards will be unlocked soon. What is your view on these funds released? For long-term investors there are still high incentives to re-stake the rewards. I hope that these funds won’t lead to additional selling pressure.

Cheers and keep up the good work!

hey @crtz Thanks for adding to the discussion!

It’s impossible to say how others will choose to utilise their staking rewards, but what I would say is. I would assume the vast majority of staking pool participants, who locked for 18 months have the DAOs best interests closely linked to their own. I would imagine a large majority of the pool is made up of early investors, team members and partners.

The second part of this discussion is that the DAO is currently positioning itself in an exciting place. We now have a tried and tested product, potential revenue streams and a well-versed team. The market cap of $HDAO is under $1 million dollars and with any luck the markets will begin to see retail returning within the next couple of years. With the allocation of a marketing budget, it is most certainly the hope that we can raise awareness of humanDAO to a far larger audience.

Thanks to all for the discussion on this one.

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